Maximum Fun
for Minimum Expense

To produce a stylish, safe, fast, comfortable, fun, low maintenance sports car to be enjoyed on public roads and on the race track.
A one-make series will encourage owners to test their driver skills as cars will be placed against like for like engines.  The key is: "Drive it to the track, Race it, Drive it home".  No trailers!
Product Pricing
Starter kits start at just ZAR 55 000.00 This will get you started on your build. Other components can be purchased later, as you progress or as your budget allows. It is almost impossible to give a definitive build price as there are so many options available to each customer, but we can deliver a turn key car from +/-R180 000,00. You can certainly build your own car for less than this!

Latest News

20-Jan-14    The News Feed and other news.

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02-May-13    Lots to tell!

 In case you thought I'd disappeared...

14-Mar-13    Another Type 5 takes shape...

 Richard Duncan has faced some serious challenges in the last 2 years, but his goal of building his own Type 5 is slowly coming true. 

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